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It’s Friday! And it’s a long weekend for Aussies! Labour Day Holiday on Monday, that means some time off! In your time off would like to play old games on your smartphone or pda? Well, then check out Pocket PC Magazine’s column by Werner Ruotsalainen.


Don’t you create a CounterStrike Map off your office or risk loosing your job, just like the Clements High School teen who got suspended for creating a map which closely resembled his high school!

Joost Invites

Joost Invites Unlimited! Contact me to get one!


I am not in US so I cannot use Google to send free SMS, but in Australia we do have SMSPUP, which is free, provided you agree to received advertisements in email and when you click on the ads, you get points which you can use to send free sms!

Free Push Email Service

You folks back in India, I am jealous of you guys! Free push email service! You lucky buggers! As it is GPRS is cheap and now this 🙂 Have fun!

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